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This whole site was created just so I didn't have to repeat myself about a suspension thing.  Now look at me?  Sheesh.  Now the pressure's on to keep it up.  With that said, I thought I'd get some video's on for everyone.

Metcalf, Ca.  Oddly, very few bay area people know about this place.  It's like hollister, but smaller.  The 150cc and under track is simple, but fun.  The MX track is awesome.  It's more of a 1980's style MX track and not a stadium SX track.  Sadly, the MX track is not on this vid, but this vid gives an idea of the place. 
Check it out.  The guys decided to swap the knobbies for some slicks.  This is 8/27/06 at the Stockton Fairgrounds.  The crf150's took over the B section and had some pretty decent racing.  I didn't ride, but my brother did on my #16 bike.  I brought out my trusty video cam to share with everyone instead.  Enjoy.

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