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Engine Mods by Engine's Only
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-170cc Big Bore kit (Engine's Only)
-HD clutch (Engines's Only)
-HD valve springs (Engine's Only)
-428 chain conversion  (Sprockets Specialist)
-Rev Box (BBR)
-pipe (BBR)

Nov 15, 2007 (updated)

It's been some time since I've fiddle with my site.  I took at look at it and didn't realize that I never gave a full report.  Shame on me.  Well, I know I won't be typing up a full report right now, but I should probably put in a few words.

My top end really opened up.  The stock engine is fun.  It's harmless, but it's fun.  I like the playfullness of the stock engine.  There are no big hits in the power, but the tame powerband is pretty wide.  It's fun stock.

Now with the mods, it's a different kind of fun.  Now I can't even ride against a stock 150.  It's just not fair.  Low, mid, and highs; The 170cc is stronger in all areas.  I noticed the mids and highs were really strong.  

I've had the new engine for a while now.  The best thing about it is that it's maintenance free.  If I wanted, I could put gas in and go.  Try doing that on your CRF150R.  It's not going to happen.  I do treat this thing like a race bike with oil changes, caring for the chain, greasing, etc. , but it's only because I'm neurotic.

If someone's hoping for me to get very detailed about the engine, I have to say, it's a bit hard.  It just runs much better than the stocker.  I know that doesn't say much, but there isn't much to say about it.  It's what I had hoped for.  A stronger engine.

More lows, more mids, and more highs.  Frank did all the work.  I haven't had a single issue.  I got my motor back from him, bolted it back into the frame and it's been running like champ.

Would I do it again?  Yes.  Expecially since I know a lot of other big bore kits out there have some issues.  Good luck on what you decided to do.  

The only other big bore kit I would consider was Coeshow's.  I went with Frank because he was local.  Coeshow's is interesting though.  As far as I understand, Mike did a different approach to his kit.  Some machine work had to be done, which I believe his shop offers, but the interesting part about his 188cc kit was he kept the compression down close at about 9.5:1 or something like that.  

I know a lot of racers just want high compression, but personally, I was really intrigued by this.  Reliability goes a long way, if you ask me.  Luckily, we have our choices, right?

May 26, 2006
I said a long time ago that I’d write a review on Engine Only’s 170cc kit w/ cam.  Since then, I really couldn’t find the time to test it on dry ground with my carb set up correctly.  Well, I finally went out and really gave it a good test.  I had planned to write up some really detailed review and all that; good or bad, I was going to share. 


As I’m here typing, I just erased everything I typed.  I’ll just give you a little story. 


My stocker was a lot of fun.  The suspension was redone so I figured I’d just ride turns with momentum to keep up speed.  I went to a local track, Club Moto.  It’s a tight track with 180 degree turns.  The result was I couldn’t get out of the turns fast enough.  Sure, I was riding with 450’s, but I didn’t realize how low I was in power until I got to the 180 degree turns.  I called Frank at EO the next day.  I got the 170cc kit, cam, HD clutch w/ springs.


My bike is a totally different bike now.  It has a lot more power everywhere and it actually has a sweet spot (higher revs).  Now I don’t think I’ll be going to Club Moto anytime soon, but I don’t think I‘ll be a hazard out there like I was.  Maybe I’ll just have to find out. 

This page is a work in progress. 

Typical person:  "Why don't you buy a real bike like a CRF250?"
Toneconsultant:  "You just don't get it do you."