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Suspension modifications

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Suspension modifications
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Suspension?  What options do you have?
For the rear, you can run a few options:
-CR80 shock
-BBR stiffer spring
-Hlebo's revalve
-Works Performance shock
In short, the CR80 shock would need a BBR spring and should have the length adjusted to fit your bike.  It's about 3/4" too long.  Some drill a new mounting hole in the bottom clevis.  I've never done this mod.  Instead I ran an OEM CRF230 linkage (the triangular part with bearings.) and the shock will fit.
I'm pretty firm on saying "if you go this route, you will regret it." 
It will be fine the first time you ride because it will feel just as you expected:  stiffer.  When you hit a jump with a lip or anything with a lip, however, you'll find yourself on the ground.  The rebound makes controlling the rear of your bike, impossible.  Plan and simple.  Hello Death machine.
That's what I did and I'm very happy with John's work.  Read my review on it below.  I've had it for a few years now and I still stand by it.  It really works well.
I tried the $500 shock and I thought it was par with Hlebo's revalve.  Hlebo's revalve was $180.  Don't take this as me saying the obvious, "Hlebo's is cheaper.  I'll go that route."  I'll let you decide on that. 
The works shock has a res. and and it's adjustable.  It's a cool shock.  I just didn't have the $500 to spare.  No complains with it.  It worked really well.
Bottomline is this.  Just putting the $90 BBR type stiffer spring on your shock is not the answer.  It's the cheapest route, but after you add up the days you missed from work and the medical bills, it really wasn't that cheap.
CR85 upside down forks installed on a CRF150?  Why not?   Keep reading.


SUSPENSION:  The Conversion. 

I was running one BBR spring and one stocker in the forks. That was much better than stock and a ton better than two BBR springs. I, however, wanted to spend some $$$.  I put CR85 forks on.  It's nice.


Everyone's been asking "What needs to take place to install CR85 forks?  Let me list it out for you.

The CR85 lower triple clamp needs to be pressed out 1/4".  Reger charges $60.  You'll also need BBR stiffer springs to hold up the heavier CRF150 bike.  That's about $80. 

Then you'll need something as a steering stopper.  A lot of people just weld one on.  Reger sells a "disposable" one for $25. It's a billet aluminum built-on piece.  Simple, but very nicely done.  Disposable because it's made to bend when you crash instead of break your triple clamp, per Reger.

And lastly, don't forget that you'll need the CR85 front 19" wheel with brakes.  If you want to run your CRF150 wheel and brakes, then the only way to do it is to call Reger. He makes a billet clamp (and spacers) that enable that.  Good luck.


Today's 4/20/05.  As for revalving, I was running 5wt, at 85mm from the top, with stock valving.  It rode alright, but every once in a while, I'd make a mistake and there was that G-out bump.  "Clink!"  I'd bottom.  I was going to re-valve them, but then a friend suggested I try heavier oil.  

I figured it was a reason to take my forks apart.  I put in 10wt at 90mm from the top.  It worked.  I'm sure having 5mm more did the trick.  No more bottoming.  

I had the rebound at it's fastest because of the heavier oil.  I still have to fiddle with the clickers, but I don't think they make much of a difference anyway. 

I believe the 10wt oil also helped because I was riding in the middle of my travel stroke.  The heavier oil helped me NOT blow through the strokel so fast.   


Someone asked me to describe my shock and if it was worth it.  This is what I told him:

It just depends on what your looking for and how much $$$ you have.  I have a friend that bought the $500 Works  Performance shock.  It's cool.  Adjustable.

I didn't have $500 to spend.  Then there's the CR85 shock, but after you re-spring it, resized it, and revalved  it, it can be a pretty expensive set-up.

Hlebo revalved my stock CRF150 un-adjustable shock.  I say un-adjustable because everyone thinks you can't tap into it.  This is not so.  Hlebo has been working on the CRF150 for a while.  Why?  I think it's because he's at the same address as Engines Only(Not anymore), which specialized in XR's and CRF's.

Anyway, he revalved it to my weight and ability.  The result?  I have to admit, of all the mods you could do to your bike, that's the best one, hands down.  It's $180 so it’s not cheap, but it’s needed.  I paid an extra $40 to lengthen the shock too.

How's it ride?  Awesome!  My last bike was an RM125.  It rides like that.  For example, if you try to do your Mike LaRocco "I'll just hammer through the whoops" imitation on your CRF150 with a stock shock, you'll bottom everywhere.   If you try it with a BBR spring, the back end will swap side to side, totally uncontrollably.  On my bike now, it tracks through them straight and controlled.  Keep in mind that I have two 150's.  I was riding them back to back to compare.   It's night and day.

P.S.  Now you have a 150 with good suspension like the CRF150R.  The CRF150R is still a better bike if it fits you.  Keep in mind that the CRF150F's frame is sized for an adult. Lots more leg room.  

The CRF150R is sized for a child.  Thus, I think the "F" would still be better for an adult, like myself, to fit on.  I'm pretty short though so I can motor around on a "R" pretty easily.  

Suspension.  It's key to enjoying these bikes.

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