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Toneconsultant's CRF150

KTM 150? CRF150R? How about the YZ150F?

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KTM 150? CRF150R? How about the YZ150F?
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CRF150R? How great is the new CRF150R? 

I was lucky enough to give one of these bikes a test run. Since I have the CRF150F, it was hard to admit that this bike rips. Yes, yes. It’s hard to swallow for me because I was basically trying to turn my “F” into an “R.”

Did I waste all that time and energy upgrading my "F"? No. Well, not entirely. I like my "F" because it's just the way I wanted it. It, however, is about 40lbs heavier than the "R" so that's a big performance bummer. 

The bottom line is the “R” is a ripping bike. BUT since I know I’ll be sticking to my “F” for some time, I thought I’d try to point out a few things that I don’t like about the “R.” Just keep in mind that when you read this, I do know the “R” is a killer bike. I just want to poke my finger at it a bit. Here we go. 

No flywheel! Well, sure there’s a flywheel in there, but my goodness, it sure is light. Wick the throttle and it’s on!!! Cut the throttle and it’s off! I killed the damn thing 4 times just trying to get out of the parking lot. It’s really light!

Power? It’s there. I thought it rode like a 2 stroke. That’s a good thing. Really quick response. I question what it would ride like in tight trails though. It wouldn’t be nearly as good as the “F.” Not even close. No cruising on the “R.” It’s all about getting on the throttle. I really like that, but sometimes I like to jerk around and cruise. It doesn’t work well at that. You’d need some weights on the flywheel. 

Dyno? My 170cc “F” matches the “R” on the dyno up to about 9,000 rpm’s. The “R” continues up to 14,000 rpms. Personally, I don’t like to ride that high in the rpm’s so I think I’m good with my bike’s power. My bike weight about an elephant and a half more though so I’m sure the “R” would still pull on me. 

Frame? Here’s where my “F” is better. My “F” frame fits an adult way better. The “R” is built for a child. If you are a kid, it’s rock’n. If you’re an adult, go sit on both and stick your feet on the pegs. Then you’ll see what I mean.

Reliability? The "F" takes no maintenance. None!!! The "R" is having clutch burnout issues and I'm told the top end will need changing every 20 hours. I don't see that happening, but that's what they say. 

The are also packing exploding cams.  Yes, you heard me right.  The cams are exploding.  Honda hasn't recalled them yet.  Oh yeah, a new top end on a CRF250 can run up to $1,000 with $1,000 for installation.  I'm told the CRF150R isn't far from that.  I don't know if that's true yet, but I'll find out.

Parts? The "R" is getting a million after market parts. That's the thing that really hurts me. I want all those expensive after market parts, but they don't make them for the "F." What a guy to do with his extra cash? It's just not fair!!!! :)

Will I get an "R." I have to say, I'm excited to see what Yamaha and KTM will come out with. I'm going to wait and see.

If I could figure out how to download video, I'd download video of me on the bike.  I'll figure it out one of these days.


Take a good look at Chad Reed's 50th Anniversary race bike.  That's what my 150 will look like very soon. 
Sorry for the bad pics.  I took pics of this with the digital camera in my palm pilot.  The sun reflected off the bike too much and I couldn't get a good pick.  The colors in the pic didn't come out very good at all.  Whatever the case, here's what the bike looks like.


I guess I should fess up about the graphics.  I've noticed a lot of people were painting their bikes.   I thought there had to be a better way.  Therefore, I decided to have some fun with the bike.   

I bought some orange and black vinyl off Ebay.  It was like $20.  The KTM logo is so easy, I thought I'd die-cut  it out (That means to cut it out with a razor).  The shrouds and rear fender were covered in orange vinyl.  If you  are thinking that's hard, it's not if you have a heat gun to mold the vinyl.

The front fender, however, would have been a challenge.  I decided I'd give the "painting" deal a go.  I painted  my old front fender w/ Krylon.  I figured the front fender was all thrashed anyway, so why not (Yeah, I've been over  the bars a few times and that fender was proof!!!)  It was the only way I'd put it back on the bike anyway. 

The black on the fenders is just some more black vinyl sticker. 

The fork covers were painted orange too w/ black vinyl.  I figured they would be worked over down there so I didn't  put much time into them.  I'm sure I'll go overboard and cover the swingarm too. 

Whatever the case, like I say later in this weblink, the bike was just something to have some fun with.  Stickers  were much more important than performance on this bike.  You have to figure, if you put $1,000 of engine mods into your  bike, what will you have?  You have a 9hp bike to start with.  How much more power do you think you can get out  of it?  I figured my sticker mod gave my bike at least 55 more horsepower anyway so I'm good with that.  I  think I can now go 123mph on the straights!

P.S.  I'm sure when I get tired of these graphics, my bike will become a 50th Anniversary Black and Yellow Yamaha.   Again, easy straight graphics.  Now that would be cool. 

Now if I'm boring you with the graphics deal and you do want performance, read on.  Below is what has happen to  my bike and why.

For more info on the bike, go to the home page,