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I think this bike is basically simple, but the fun factor is huge. 

Someone asked me about my shock.  I'll just post my response here.
I had my stocker revalved (see my weblink for phone numbers).  Before I did that, I had a BBR spring.  Keep in mind that I'm about 150lbs.  Anyway, I noticed a few things with the BBR spring. 
1.  If I didn't land a jump perfectly straight, the landing would swap.  On my previous bike, RM125, I wouldn't even notice a jump like this.  With the BBR spring, I had to really pay attention on landings.
2.  There was a strong rebound on the BBR setup.  I was already tightening up on jump landings so that wasn't an issue.  The issues, however, was trying to do my "Mike LaRocco" imitation thru the whoops, which weren't even real whoops.  Small bumps really.  Couldn't do it.  I had to time each whoop and double and triple them.  Again, I'm not talking SX whoops.  I'm talking about a bunch of bumps that were close to each other.  It just didn't work.
If I tried to power through the whoops, the back end wouldn't just go up an down; it would go side to side.  Coming off my RM125, this was a bit concerning.

I asked John Hlebo at Hlebo's suspension to revalve.  I think it was $180.  Not cheap, but I knew he was fiddling with the CRF150 and I actually rode a bike that had a Hlebo's revalved shock and Hlebo's stock fork springs cut with his spacer ($40).  It was impressive.  That bike rode really plush. 
He also lengthened the shock shaft for $40.  We ran the stock spring because I'm only 150lbs.  I think you might be able to get him to put on a reseivoir, but I didn't think I wanted to dump that much more into it.  I figured if I wanted to put more into it, I'd just get a Work's shock, which was about $500 from the dealer.  That wasn't going to happen
It's not adjustable, but I figured I'd get it dialed in for my specs and since I'm not some super racer, it would be fine for what I was going to be doing which was jerk around.
Oh yeah, I thought about doing the CR80 route, but the shock is too long to fit correctly.  I think it's 15 3/4".  You'd have to drill holes in the bottom shock bracket to make it fit.  Then you'd have to revalved and respring to make it work properly.  I did the math in my head and that was too much for me.  I might have missed something, but I didn't want to mess with it.
The CR80 shock is doable, but I opted to revalve the stocker
Results:  I have CR80 forks on my bike.  I really like those, but the new shock was key.  I can't even explain, in words, how much better my bike rides.  It tracks better. It's so much more comfortable and the best part is I can now do my imitation of LaRocco through whoops.  Let's put it this way.  It rides (suspension wise) like my RM125.  It's a totally different bike.  It changed the feeling of the whole bike.
RESULTS:  The forks are cool, but the rear is way better.  I haven't done much to the engine of my bike.  One reason is because I can run down a lot of big bikes because of the suspension.  They then ask, "You have a bore kit?"  I can honestly say, "no.  It's stock."  They don't believe me, but I laugh because I just ran down a CRF450 on a 9hp bike.  I'm sure there are a few non believers out there, but you can't go fast if you can't control your bike.  Hope that helps.  [this post was one of my first post.  My bike is now a 230 engine in a 150 chassis.  Power can be fun.  haha.]

Just some more old pics of stuff.