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Toneconsultant's CRF150

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     I'll give you a brief introduction.  My nickname is "Toneconsultant."  That's a long story in itself;  This link was put together to share what mod's I've done to my 2003 Honda CRF150F .
I've tried to date my updates.  If you read through, you'll see I've changed my plans on this bike a few times.  For example, I didn't want power at first.  Like anything though, we change our minds as time goes by!!! 
Also, keep in mind that everything here is from my personal experiences.  No rumors.  I've found that there are a lot of rumors and tales about mods on this bike that just weren't true.  I'm not a great mechanic, but I do fine.  I don't have all the answer.  People had questions about my mods. I figured there was no good reason for all of you to spend all the senseless hours I logged, so here you go.
If you want really technical answers, track down Art4Man, Engine's Only, or Coeshow.  Those guys have the knowledge with specifics.  Anyway, everything on these links are just my trials & errors.  I hope it helps. 

6/17/14 - I'm planning on cleaning up the site.  Lots of typos.  I have to clean that up.  The CRF150F is now a Mike Coe 233cc Hi Comp. engine.  The bike is completely overhauled from it's stock form.  I just ported my carb for the bike with a dremel.  I believe it really opened up the bike.  I'll have to share the results, one of these days.  First, I have to go through this site of mine and clean it up.

Hello folks. I rarely update the site anymore because I think I said it all.  I'm still around though so if anyone ever has a question, please feel free to ask me at

11/16/11 - I have to update my "Pipe shootout!"  I got a new pipe and oh man, I'm so happy.  I'll share as soon as I can.

1/24/11 - I did my Coeshow engine mod (150 to a 233cc) almost a year ago, but I haven't been able to ride.  Just had too many things going on.  Anyway, I got to ride recently and I will be adding a review on that as soon as . . . I CAN GET SOME TIME TO TYPE.  I will, however, add that i learned a few interesting things with the mod.  Check back soon.



April 2010

My goodness.  I haven't added to the site in a long time.  Well, I just didn't have anything to add.  I think I covered all . . . until now.  I did it.  Yes, my engine just had a makeover.  Give me a couple weeks because the weather is bad, but I'll be writing a new review for all. 

 I felt the need to test out something new so I'll be writing about an engine mod.  My CRF150F 2003 will now have an additional 70cc to it.  

Yes, I had a chat with and he redid my engine to 223cc's.  What's the difference between my engine and a CRF230?  Well, first mines about a human leg lighter because 150's are way lighter than 230's.  Since I still have an EO cam, my head is ported, etc., etc., this might be sort of fun to ride again.  A old, but brand new bike.  I'll let you know how it goes soon.


So you want to do modifications to your CRF150F, huh? Well, good for you. I always hear people bad mouthing the CRF150F and the CRF230F, but with a few mods, I think these bikes rock.

Within my weblink, I address modifications to the follow:

-CRF150 forks

-CR85 fork conversion

-Rear linkage (or how to lower your 150)

-170cc Bore kit

-Various carbs




-Wider footpegs

-Exhaust shootout

and I'll be doing a tire shootout & a Revbox shootout very soon.

Take a stroll through the site. You might find something helpful. If not, email me and I'm sure I'll know something about your question.

Also if you want more pics, here's a few more! for your CRF chats or guitar tone needs.